The Princess and the Castle

The Princess and the Castle

Genevieve lives with her mum and her brother Jack in a little stone harbour side house, but ever since the day that her daddy’s fishing boat got lost at sea, she has stayed well away from the shore. Instead, she gazes across the harbour at the castle on the other side and dreams of being a princess. One day, a tall man arrives sailing a little boat with red sails. Genevieve’s mum introduces him as Cedric, her new friend. At first, Genevieve is apprehensive but she sees the difference Cedric brings about in mum and slowly he becomes part of the family. So when Cedric suggests a family outing in his sailing boat, will Genevieve be able to overcome her fear and visit the castle she has long dreamed of? The Princess and the Castle was short listed for the Sheffield Children’s Book Award. “This is a moving story about a girl who has to confront her fears and cope with loss and change in the family unit” TEACHING AND LEARNING “As a reader you feel you are looking at a real family and their life in a harbourside town” NURSERY WORLD “Skilfully told with a nicely curved poignancy. Binch’s illustrations are as clear and zinging as a blast of ozone-filled breeze” INDEPENDENT “Binch’s illustrations carry the sensory appeal of life.” TIMES EDUCATIONAL SUPPLEMENT

The Princess and the Castle Caroline Binch Paperback 32 pages Publisher: Red Fox – August 2005 ISBN: 0-0994-3236-6

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