Since Dad Left

Since Dad Left

Sid is cross. He doesn’t understand why his mum and dad don’t live together anymore. Sandra, his mum, arranges for him to spend some time with Mick, his dad, but Sid doesn’t want to go. But Mick slowly wins him over, and by the time he returns to his mum, Sid feels he really has a dad again.

“Binch has established herself in the last ten years as one of the finest
children’s book illustrators… The resilience and dignity of Sid and
his Mum and Dad shine through as strongly as the summer light
in these pages. A must for all primary schools.”

Winner of the 1998 United Kingdom Reading Association Book Award

Since Dad Left
Caroline Binch
Paperback (pp: 32)
Publisher: Frances Lincoln – 1998
ISBN: 0-7112-1355-0
First published 1998

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